E3 2017 Features

Everything From Bethesda’s Third E3 Conference

bethesda bannerBethesda jumped onto the E3 conference bandwagon in 2015 and came out of the gates swinging with Fallout 4. Since then Bethesda decided to have a conference at E3 every year to show of their latest and greatest. As we approached their 3rd conference we wondered what was left to announce from the company. Let’s see what they came up with!

Bethesda VR

Doom and Fallout 4 are moving in to the VR space this year. Both games still looked fast paced and action packed but we don’t really know how you will be able to play them for an extended period of time. It looks to use the HTC VIVE teleport movement controls and possibly slows down time when shooting? It also looked like DOOM: VFR might be a standalone version of the game. While there doesn’t seem to be a confirmed release date for each of these titles you can learn more about DOOM: VFR HERE and Fallout 4 VR HERE.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

More YouTube integration, now in the form of reaction videos! Regardless, The Elder Scrolls Online is expanding out from Tamriel into the world of Morrowind. Players will be able to fight their favourite enemies from the third Elder Scrolls game in an all new setting. You will also be able to take the battle to the Ashlands with a new 4v4v4 PVP arena-style combat environment.

Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC/Mac – Now

Creation Club

Mods have always been a huge part of Bethesda’s games and with the addition of the creation club it brings together all of the best mods in to a collection of all-new content for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The only problem is, they want you to pay for them. They tried this on Steam before getting utterly reamed by the community and we think that this is going to be no different. Even the Like/Dislike ratio on the above linked video is enough to tell you that the community doesn’t want this.

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – Summer 2017

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Heroes of Skyrim

It looks like Bethesda are expanding their collectible card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends with a new Skyrim expansion pack. This brand-new set of over 150 cards will include new mechanics like Shouts, familiar characters, and, of course, dragons… lots of dragons.

Available on all platforms –  June 29th 2017

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch


Because you can’t have a console without putting Skyrim on it and Nintendo is no exception. With this version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we have motion controls thanks to the joy-cons, all official add-ons including Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn, and some amiibo integration. Now you’ll also be able to play as Link from the Legend of Zelda and use the Master Sword to slay your foes. While Pete Hines stated later in the conference that all games were coming out in 2017, there was no mention of an exact release date for Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. We are guessing Fall 2017 (Spring 2017 in Australia)

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

More Dishonored is always a good thing and I’m glad Arkane Studios have decided to flesh out the story of the notorious Billie Lurk. Reuniting with her mentor – the legendary assassin Daud – Billie will explore the dark underbelly of Karnaca in order to pull off the ultimate assassination and kill the Outsider. This looks to be a completely standalone release but isn’t tied to something like Dishonored 3 (Whenever that happens).

Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC – 15th September 2017

Quake Champions – World Champions

Here comes the eSports montage for Quake Champions everyone was expecting, now complete with wubstep and fast paced gameplay. The E3 2017 update also adds 3 new maps, the brand-new Tri-bolt weapon, and a host of new and improved features to explore. Bethesda has announced Quake World Champions, a tournament with a 1 Million dollar prize pool to be held at QuakeCon in August.  Also being added to the mix of heroes is B.J Blazkowicz from the Wolfenstein series which is a cool addition.

Available On PC – Now (via Closed Beta signups)

The Evil Within 2

Developed by Tango Gameworks, the survival-horror game The Evil Within finally gets a sequel. Horror mastermind Shinji Mikami returns again with more of Sebastian’s story in The Evil Within 2. There is some real Kojima level trailer magic going on here with this announcement trailer. Everything from the small background sounds to the animation style was creepy and awesome to watch. More information can be found on the Bethesda website.

Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC – 13th October 2017

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Finally, it appears that BJ Blazkovitz is immortal and somehow survived the events of the Wolfenstein: The New Order. With Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus we got to see a bit of everything. From story development and returning characters to a little bit of gameplay and some stunning visuals, this game is looking pretty great. With the release date only a few months away, it was definitely the highlight of the Bethesda conference.

Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC – 27th October 2017

Conclusion (by Kochie) + Bingo Bonanza Result

Well it was certainly a shorter conference than I was expecting as the whole thing went for less than 45 minutes. To me it felt like a it was like a Nintendo direct presentation in the way it all flowed. A few small bites of whats to come with some cutesy graphics but it would have been good if Bethesda gave us something at the end to be excited for. Instead it just kind of ended on a dull note after Wolfenstein 2. Both of the new games announced, The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus look pretty awesome though and I will be picking those up when they come out but apart from that I’m kind of at a loss. There were no announcements of their new IP Starfield and no mention of Battlecry which has been in a sorry state since 2015. Bethesda continues to stick to their “Every game we show is out this year” policy. It might not be as big as a Fallout 4 reveal but it’s still nice to see.

Bethesda Bingo Result

A smaller bingo sheet this time and roughly the same result (10/20). We were hoping for a little more content from Bethesda but nevertheless we are still left wanting more by the end of it all. It was good to see Skyrim on the Switch make an appearance though and an expansion into VR territory. That’s it for day 2 of E3’s major conference! Next up is the PC Gaming show which is dedicated to games that are focused on their PC release. For all the times, check out our handy guide!