E3 2015

Ubisoft Press Conference – E3 2015


Ubisoft had their time to shine in the E3 spotlight earlier today with their conference showcasing a number of new titles. Here’s all the games, trailers and release date details from their conference.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

South Park: The Fractured but Whole will enable players to delve into the crime-ridden underbelly of South Park with Coon and Friends. This dedicated group of crime fighters was formed by Eric Cartman, whose superhero alter ego, The Coon, is half man, half raccoon. As The New Kid, players will join Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite, Mosquito, Mint Berry Crunch and a host of others to battle the forces of evil while Coon strives to make his team the most beloved superheroes in history.


For Honor

PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

For Honor drops gamers into the chaos of a raging battlefield during an ongoing war between three Great Factions: the bold Knights (the Legions), the brutal Vikings (the Warborn) and the enigmatic Samurai (the Chosen).


Trackmania Turbo

RELEASE DATE: 26 November 2015
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

Trackmania Turbo features an “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay style that relies on time attack racing where players set their own limits and challenges. The gameplay revolves around the perfect combination of matchbox car fantasy on a massive scale, focusing on the pursuit of the perfect run around the track.


Just Dance 2016

RELEASE DATE: 22 October 2015
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Wii U

Just Dance 2016 will feature tracks from artists like Jason Derulo, Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman and Lady Gaga.


Tom Clancy’s The Division

RELEASE DATE: 8 March 2016
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, discover a hostile and dynamic environment where exploration and player progression are essential. Not bound by a specific class, players can change their loadout at any time to fit the needs of the situation, playstyle preferences or to complement the choices made by up to three other specialized agents on their team.


The Crew Wild Run

RELEASE DATE: 17 November 2015
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

The Crew Wild Run will take players to “The Summit, a huge gathering of drivers and racing enthusiasts facing off in a series of extreme events in iconic US locations.


Trials Fusion Awesome Level MAX

RELEASE DATE: 14 July 2015
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

Trials Fusion Awesome Level MAX is the largest content update in the series and introduces 40 tracks plus a wide variety of new garage items, achievements, track challenges and objects for Track Editor in two separately themed events, The Awesome Adventure and RedLynx vs All-Stars.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

RELEASE DATE: 23 October 2015 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4), Spring 2015 (PC)
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

Players will get to experience Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with two protagonists, Jacob Frye and Evie Frye – twin Assassins raised to follow the Creed. Jacob, a determined, hot-headed and rebellious leader of an underground gang, is vastly different than his sister Evie, a master of stealth and control. Together, Jacob and Evie team up to challenge rivals, plutocrats and Templars alike to free the masses from poverty and corruption, and ultimately wrestle back control of London.


Anno 2205

RELEASE DATE: 3 November 2015

In Anno 2205 players will join mankind’s next step into the future, with the promise of building a better tomorrow by expanding into space. Players must develop rich metropolises on Earth that are capable of launching missions to the moon as they race to establish production colonies on the lunar surface.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

RELEASE DATE: 13 October 2015
PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

Terrorist Hunt brings a new threat to the world of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and places players at the center of a global crisis perpetrated by a menacing terrorist cell, the White Masks. Terrohunt contains four different game modes that can be played solo or cooperatively with up to four additional teammates. Advanced enemy AI, gripping challenges and addictive replay value abound in every mission, while varying objectives and difficulty levels make the experience different from one operation to the next.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

PLATFORM: Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC

Set a few years from now, Ghost Recon Wildlands lets players lead a team of Ghosts, a four-player U.S. Elite Special Operations unit, on a covert mission to eliminate the Santa Blanca drug cartel, an underworld power and growing global threat within Ubisoft’s imagining of an incredibly beautiful, yet dangerous Bolivia.