TUNIC – Video Review – Isometric Zelda is Adorably Charming!

Originally dubbed “Secret Legend” back in 2015 before being rebranded at Microsoft’s E3 showcase in 2018, TUNIC captured the hearts of many by showing a lovingly crafted, isometrically styled world with pot breaking, puzzle solving, hidden secrets and boss battles. Sprinkle in a touch of Hollow Knight level difficulty, and a subtle but interesting story akin to something like the Souls series, and you’ve got a melting pot of excitement waiting to be enjoyed.

The adorable Fox character stirred up a nostalgic Legend of Zelda vibe before retreating to the shadows of the internet. It left fans guessing as to if, or when it would be released, and only time would tell.

I’m here to say that time is now. So let’s jump in and see what all the fox is about!

My name is Kochie, and this… is TUNIC. Check out the video below for the full review.

TUNIC was reviewed on PC via Steam using a review code provided by the publisher.