Progress Bar Podcast – Episode 4

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This week, the team looks at some announcements from Ubisoft, Nintendo and Sony. We give some thought to the JRPG inspired and stunning Child of Light video game from the director of Far Cry 3. We also discuss some of the thoughtful comments the director has made about the game and whether we’ll see more Journey style games in the next generation.


We break down Sony’s press conference leading up to the Tokyo Game Show, which brought with it some nifty hardware announcements, including a slimmer and longer lasting PS Vita! Too bad they took out that amazing 5″ OLED screen. We also get a bit argumentative about the PS Vita TV. I think it’s nifty! I’m the only one…


Finally, we take a look at two Nintendo Direct presentations for fans of Pokemon and Monster Hunter. We’re all excited about the new 3DS XL Pokemon Handhelds! Tom is trading up. We talk about storing our Pokemon in the Cloud with Pokemon Bank and the Poke Transporter app, which Legendary Pokemon Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us) and Yveltal (ee-VELL-tawl) is better, Kanto starters and MEGA EVOLUTIONS. Check out the new images of the Mewtwo X and Y mega evolutions.


Then we round out the podcast with what we’re playing. Here’s a hint, two of us are playing AAA big budget titles and the other is … GLORY TO ARSTOTSKA. Watch the hilarious Loading Ready Run ‘Papers, Please’ video.


Kochie also wants to remind PC players of Saints Row 4 to use stereo drivers as there is a surround sound mixing glitch in the current version of the game.


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