Progress Bar Podcast – Episode 10


This week on the Progress Bar podcast

  • – Ground Zeroes drops to $49.95AU: Konami announces price parity across Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but is the price still enough for this highly anticipated prologue?


  • – Prepare for Titanfall! Microsoft announced a new retail bundle that includes a free digital copy of Titanfall for $599AU. In UK markets, the Xbox One will see a price drop from £430 to £400. Only three months in, is a price drop too early?


  • TV show actor Nick Searcy (Justified) annoys a lot of game journalists. Joystiq.com editor Susan Arendt tweets her disappointment at Mr Searcy’s antics on Twitter and gets a whole bunch of trolling in reply. Kochie gives us some tips on how to stay cool online.


  • Xbox One gets Twitch.com integration. For casual and pro gamers on the Xbox One, they’ll get more tools and flexibility to broadcast their gameplay. Microsoft aren’t just promising to match the feature set on the PlayStation 4, they’re looking to lead in this area. Launches alongside Titanfall.


We play games too

What have we been playing the past week? Kochie has been playing Thief on the Xbox One, which he reviewed. Spoiler! It is a bit disappointing. We also talk about Kochie’s other review, city builder Banished which he highly recommends.


I played through Battlefield 4’s campaign and try to make sense of DICE’s attempt at a deeper, more emotional story. You know what, I’m starting to appreciate Battlefield 3’s story a whole, lot more. Also, what the hell is with Battlefield 4’s grind! It’s taking forever to unlock anything.


Play this week’s episode – 3 March, 2014



Also because Kochie likes salty language, there is a bit of me getting all MA15+ after the ending. Optional DLC we won’t even charge you for.



Production notes: Intro and outro music were supplied by Teknoaxe. This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not. Also Kochie tells me he is using a higher bit rate for this podcast because we CARE about your ears.