Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture Revealed

With details about the Xbox Series X slowly being revealed, the latest news has focussed on the Velocity Architecture, which has been described by Microsoft as the soul of the next-generation console.

Made up of four components, the hardware will provide developers with new rendering techniques, the ability to create larger, dynamic worlds, and, most importantly, the capability to eliminate load times.

The first component of the architecture is the custom NVME SSD, which is designed so that players receive a consistent performance no matter how large the game they’re playing is.

Next is the Hardware Accelerated Decompression, which is what will help minimise storage for players. The new algorithm will allow developers to reduce their game package assets and deliver hardware performance 100x greater than the current generation consoles.

The DirectStorage API is what will hopefully eliminate loading times forever. The API will allow developers more control over a game’s operations and prioritise what pieces of code run first.

Last but not least, the Sampler Feedback Streaming uses the Xbox Series X GPU smarter and its memory more effectively. This means that games will look more vibrant, richer, and potentially more realistic.

With more control in the hands of developers than ever before, fans now turn their attention to the July 23rd event, where they’ll get to see the Xbox Series X soul in action as Microsoft hosts a showcase of games in development for the new console.