WildStar is Going Free-to-Play


A year after its initial release, Carbine Studios’ light-hearted MMORPG WildStar is now adopting a free-to-play, pay to look pretty model. Originally launched in June of 2014, Wildstar questionably opted for a paid subscription model while previous games were going with either the free-to-play or buy-to-play model from the get go.

Now it looks like WildStar will be soon joining many other MMORPG’s with it’s new free-to-play avenue arriving in Spring this year. The free-to-play user will not be limited to specific content and will be able to explore planet Nexus without restriction.

Is the game really free?

Players can acquire the game, create an account, login and play through everything the game has to offer without spending any money, so yes, we do mean free.

That said, we will also offer completely optional in-game purchases that cover a wide range of player services, convenience options, and cosmetic offerings.

For a full list of differences between free-to-play and signature accounts, head over to Wildstar’s free-to-play FAQ page and if you would like to access the upcoming closed beta you can sign up over here.