Shadow Of Mordor Sequel Leaked By Target

Shadow-of-War-BannerIt looks like Target’s Canadian branch may be hot water after accidently posting the unannounced sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor today on their online store. Suitably named, Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a welcome sight to most fans of the series after the successful launch of its predecessor back in 2014. From the images that were sent to us (thanks Omer!) it looks like there will be a standard edition and a gold edition of the game which will include some extra digital content at a higher price.

Adding the item to checkout lead to a screen that showed an August 2017 release date but this could just be a placeholder for something more concrete in the future. More information is sure to come out whenever Shadow of War is officially announced by WB Games. For now, it looks like there will be an Xbox One and Playstation physical release with no PC version available as yet. While we wait for the official announcement we can look back on the previous game and hope the unique Nemesis system will kept in this time around. If you didn’t have time to check out this overlooked gem back in 2014 then check out Darcy’s review of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.