Progress Bar is Live!

Six months in the making and it’s finally here…

Welcome to Progress Bar! This site will showcase the latest in video games news, reviews, feature articles and previews for the Australian gaming community. In addition to our preview articles, we will also have our video preview segment, Loading Time, demonstrating a first-hand, first thoughts view of the latest games as soon as they are released. Progress Bar is also optimised for viewing on mobile phones, along with RSS feed integration.

So who runs Progress Bar? The site is run by both myself, Brendan Roberts as Editor-in-Chief, and Thomas Koch as Senior Editor. We started Progress Bar because of our dedication for all things gaming related, as well as our desire to contribute to the thriving local games industry. We’re both based in Queensland, with Thomas residing in Brisbane, and myself in Toowoomba.

But enough about us – go and check out what we’ve got here! We’re always open to feedback on our Contact Us page, and we also have an official Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to follow our pages for the latest updates.

We can’t thank you enough for already visiting the site, reading this post and seeing what we have to show. We’re doing this for you – the avid gamer, and we hope to establish and build up a wonderful community within this site. This is Progress Bar.