Pokemon X & Y Final Evolutions Revealed


Today there have been some released images surrounding the final evolutions of the starter pokemon in Pokemon X & Y. Since this is a pretty touchy topic for all you Pokemon fans, here is your SPOILER WARNING to say that this may swing your decision as to what your starter Pokemon may be.


Evolutions for all starter Pokemon in X/Y have leaked through early copies found in retail stores. People have been skeptical at first as to whether these final evolutions are another good or fake, but it seems to be the final copy. The three final forms of the starters are Chessnaught (Grass/Fighting), Delphox (Fire/Psychic) and Greninja (Water/Dark). Images of all three can be found below.


In my opinion, I think the Water/Dark type Greninja is the coolest looking and probably the best suited as psychic moves don’t affect dark types, possibly giving the competitive edge in a 1 v 1 style battle. But only time will tell, and we here at Progress Bar are so excited to get Pokemon into our hands very soon.