PlayStation 4 Pro Has Been Announced By Sony

After being shrouded in mystery for the past couple of months, Sony has finally revealed project Neo, an upgraded version of their latest console dubbed the PlayStation 4 Pro. With this console possibly being aimed at the enthusiast PlayStation gamer, the PlayStation 4 Pro should be seen as a potential upgrade to consumers instead of a completely new console generation.

This new console is said to support 4K displays and will use High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging to display games and other content like no other console.

With more pixels, 4K’s higher resolution delivers graphics that are sharper and have greater detail than ever imagined. HDR enables visuals to look much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. – Andrew House, President and Global CEO – PlayStation Blog

While this announcement seems to include a definite leap in technology from the previous system released back in November 2013, you will still need to have a 4K/HDR compatible display to be able to experience this content. To add to this, the PlayStation 4 Pro will not include a 4K Blu-ray drive so it looks like the 4K content may come directly from streaming services and the PlayStation store.

For everyone who has their standard PS4 still kicking, Sony added during their presentation that there will be HDR support coming in a new firmware update next week.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch in Australia on November 10th for $559.95 AUD.