Oscura: Lost Light Launches on Mac App Store

Chocolate Liberation Front and Surprise Attack Games have announced that Oscura: Lost Light is now available on the Mac App Store.

Originally releasing for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and the Humble Store in February earlier this year, Oscura: Lost Light tells the origin story of our accidental hero, Oscura. Apprentice to the great lighthouse keeper, Oscura inadvertently destroys the Aurora Stone, plunging his home into darkness and infusing his hand with a strange glowing light. Now Oscura must head off into the  pitch black lands to gather the gather the shards of the stone and restore light.

Along the way Oscura will inherit special, light-based, powers from four crystals. These allow him to affect objects on which the light falls – creating or destroying obstacles, reversing gravity or slowing down time. He will master each power and their combinations if he hopes to survive.

The title can now be purchased on the Mac App Store for $6.99 USD. More information about Oscura: Lost Light can be found through their official website, Steam page and Twitter account.