Opaque Space to Support Boeing in Australian-Based Space Research

Opaque Space - BannerThe Melbourne based company Opaque Space has signed an agreement with aviation giants Boeing Australia to supplement their physical training of astronauts with virtual and mixed reality applications. The agreement is set to build on the existing collaborations and commercial activities of both companies with space agencies around the world. This is following on from the very exciting establishment of the Australian Space Program.

Boeing Australia previously unveiled its Starliner virtual reality simulation, the first of its kind by a Boeing team outside of the United States, to develop the next generation of training programs as part of the company’s commitment to human spaceflight programs. To assist in this venture, the company has brought on Opaque Space to develop training scenarios and content for future training programs.

“This agreement on the eve of the announcement of the Australian Space Program represents a multiyear effort by both Opaque Space and Boeing Australia to further our place as a nation to contribute to the global human spaceflight mission. It is both humbling and exciting to be a part of this effort by Boeing to benefit NASA and other space agencies around the world.” said Opaque Space CEO Emre Deniz.

Opaque Space was founded by Emre Deniz during the development of the internationally acclaimed Virtual Reality game ‘Earthlight’, built in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center and input from various facilities including Jet Propulsion Lab and Sonny Carter Training facility.