OneGuide Comes to Xbox One in Australia, Digital TV Tuner to Release in March


Microsoft have announced that the OneGuide for Xbox One is now available in Australia as part of a public preview.


OneGuide allows users to combine live, free-to-air, television with apps and other features of the Xbox One. OneGuide can be navigated using the controller or Kinect Voice and allows users to personalise how and when TV is watched.


Some of the features included in OneGuide are:

Favourite Channels in OneGuide: Create your own personal favourites in OneGuide so you can more quickly choose what you want to watch.

Channel Tuning by Voice: OneGuide allows you to call out your favourite TV channel by name and start watching it instantly.

TV Playback in Snap Mode: You can now watch TV using the Snap mode, watching TV on the side and leaving the main screen for games, Skype, or other applications.

OneGuide on SmartGlass:  You will have access to the OneGuide listings on the new Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app with the ability to change channels on your TV. You can download this app from the marketplace or store on your mobile device.

TV On Demand: TV listings in OneGuide will indicate which shows are available on demand from video apps.

TV Listings in the OneGuide: Navigate TV listings using the controller or with Kinect Voice control – e.g. say “Xbox show guide, what’s on Channel 7?” – to quickly navigate directly to that channel’s listings for free-to-air TV. Listings are available in both full screen and mini-guide, with the option of parental controls.


OneGuide is only available to users registered in the Xbox One Preview program at the moment, with a public release coming soon. More information on the preview program can be found here.


In addition, Microsoft have also announced that the Digital TV Tuner for the Xbox One will release in Australia in March.


The TV tuner will provide Xbox One users in Australia with a coaxial connection to receive TV, an alternative to using the HDMI-In port. The tuner allows users to stream TV across a home network to a smartphone or tablet using the Xbox One SmartGlass app. The feature also allows users to watch TV on a device within your home and game on the Xbox console simultaneously.


Microsoft have stated that the Digital TV Tuner will retail at $39.95 AUD.


Will you be making use of these new features on your Xbox One? Let us know!