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Microsoft to sell Xbox One sans Kinect

Initially there was a lot of flak over Microsoft’s cost of it’s Xbox One Console, mostly due to comparison with the prices of the PlayStation 4 and that for the most part the singular cost increase was the Kinect 2.0 sensor. Now I, personally, love my Kinect 2.0 on my Xbox One, I use it frequently and think it is a great addition however, I do completely understand where other consumers are coming from regarding an increased cost for a peripheral they may never use.
Thanks to fan feedback Microsoft is looking to sell a Xbox One console version that comes without the Kinect 2.0 sensor included. It will still very much be available as a separate purchase however, the removal of the sensor from a default inclusion means the cost can be reduced. This version of the Xbox One console is set to be available worldwide from June 9, 2014.
The initial reason given for the decision to un-bundle the Kinect was to give gamers “more options” when it comes to their choice of purchase, this is most definitely a smart move in my eyes. Yusuf Mehdi, the head of Xbox business strategy, has noted to the BBC that Microsoft was taking the step in response to the fan feedback:
“This decision wasn’t made by ourselves,” Mr Mehdi told the BBC. “We spent a lot of time speaking to our gaming partners and entertainment partners to balance the right feedback to meet their needs and our customers’ needs.”
“We remain deeply committed to the Kinect,” said Mr Mehdi, adding that the sensing abilities of the peripheral were what helped to make the Xbox One console a “differentiated offering”.
“I’m glad that we launched with Kinect,” he said. “I’m glad that Kinect is a core part of the value proposition for Xbox One. I’m also pleased that we can continue to respond to customer feedback.”
In addition to the announcement of the new Xbox One model Microsoft will be making it possible to watch Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and Hulu via the console without the need to have an active Gold Xbox Live account. This is just a string of good news for the Xbox One and can only help in increasing purchases and solidifying a solid game console.