IRL Shooter: Patient Zero Sydney Campaign Launches


The team at IRL Shooter have started their crowdfunding campaign to bring round two of their live action real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role-playing game, Patient Zero, to Sydney.


With the crowdfunding campaign launching through Pozible, the team are looking to break the Australian crowdfunding records by reaching the goal of $1 million. Pozible’s co-founder, Alan Crabbe isn’t surprised by the response:


“Crowdfunding is the ideal platform for creative, and often left-field projects to raise the capital needed to launch. We’re currently on track for our biggest quarter yet – expecting to see a record $3.5 million pledged in from October to December by more than 40,000 people in Australia alone.”


At the time of writing the article, over $60,000 has been pledged to the project. IRL Shooter’s first project for the Melbourne season in 2012 raised over $240,000 when the team were initially after $10,000. From what was learnt from the first season, the team plan to improve the zombie hunter experience with technological and gameplay improvements.


The goal of IRL Shooter is to recreate the video game experience ‘In Real Life’ (IRL). All the game-play of a traditional, team based, first person shooter video game is combined with a live ‘theatrical’ element, allowing players to get off the couch and live their own ‘hero’s journey’, in a dynamic real world environment.

No dates have been announced as yet, but the Sydney season is expected to start in August/September 2014 and run for ten weeks. The Patient Zero Pozible campaign will run until 15 March 2014.


More information on IRL Shooter: Patient Zero can be found through the Pozible campaign page.