Developers of EVE Online pledge to tattoo their own bodies, shave their heads for charity


CCP, developers of EVE Online have announced additions to their PLEX for Good charity campaign today, raising money for relief efforts to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Though the EVE community had already raised over $43,000, the development staff have decided to up their game with an 8-hour long livestream marathon on the 7th December.


Though the livestream will primarily target active players in both CCP main titles (EVE Online and DUST 514) with content tailored to their games, the brainy bunch have come up with a number of stretch goals to entertain outside viewers. These are not for the faint of heart, clearly:


– For every $2,000 CCP Dolan will be shot with 1 paintball

– If we reach $50,000:

       – CCP Lebowski will get the Minmatar logo tattooed on his calf

       – GM Spider will get the Amarr logo tattooed on his body

       – CCP Dolan will have the number 50 waxed on his chest

– If we reach $55,000, CCP Gargant will shave his head

– If we reach $60,000, CCP Guard will spar against an Icelandic Tae Kwon Do medalist

– If we reach $75,000, GM CiD will get the Wreckage sleeve tattoo from EVE Online tattooed on his arm

– If we reach $125,000 CCP Mimic will shave her head

– More to be announced when we go live!


It is an incredibly gutsy level of commitment from all the staff involved, and should make for a highly entertaining livestream. CCP are actively accepting pledges already, so go help shave someone’s head and help a charitable cause!