Interview with Jini Jun – Head of Wargaming Competitive Gaming APAC

The Wargaming League APAC Season Finals have kicked off at the ESL Studios in Sydney (watch it live here). Leading up to today’s event, we got to interview Wargaming’s APAC Head of Competitive Gaming, Jini Jun and see what Wargaming have planned for Australia.


With the Wargaming League APAC Season Finals underway, what can fans expect to see from the event?

Jini Jun: Well first of all, for the Australian fans, we have Australian players here, Team Efficiency. So I think mostly for the Australian fans they will love to see Team Efficiency play, and we’re actually surprised because our finals location in Australia wasn’t decided after the teams were decided. The final location was actually decided around 6 months to a year ago, and two weeks before the event, we suddenly now have Team Efficiency in the finals. I think that’s something really interesting, and I’d like to see them play because they’re also one of the teams that were in the finals two years ago. After two years now, they’re here again, back in Sydney. We’re really lucky to have them, and to have the event in Australia. It’s our first time to have a WGL finals here. We try to have WGL finals in several different countries and try out new cities in APAC. We’ve had it in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and now since Australia is one of our main countries that we focus on, we now have it in Australia.


Some of the players have mentioned that they are in Australia for the first time. How are they settling in with competing in Sydney?

JJ: I think almost every player, apart from the Australian players, it is their first time here to come to Sydney and they’re also enjoying it, as much as I do. 


With this being the first WGL eSports tournament in Australia, does Wargaming have any plans to have more events/tournaments in Australia in the near future?

JJ: Oh yes, definitely. This is just the starting from WGL for Australia, and I think on 3 November we’re also having a Wargaming community gathering in Melbourne, so that will be another one. In the future we’re definitely planning to have more eSports activities here in Australia. I would say that we have a training camp, which we have famous local players invited and famous streamers to do lectures. This is for players want to improve more on their gameplay and later on, maybe try out our league. We have these events planned, I can’t say when though but we will.


Many thanks to Jini and Wargaming for the opportunity. We look forward to see what Wargaming will bring for the local community.

Brendan travelled to Sydney as a media guest of Wargaming.