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Interview with EL Gaming – Wargaming League APAC Finals


The Wargaming League APAC Season Finals have finished up with EL Gaming as the champions of the event. Shortly after the end of the tournament, we got to interview the team captain, ShaoQing Guan (FoxTS) on the team’s newfound victory.


Congratulations on your victory. How is the team feeling after tonight?

FoxTS: We just sort-of feel as if we deserve it. (many laughs were had between myself and FoxTS)


Did you think you were going to win?

FoxTS: When we had the score against B-Gaming at 4 to 4, we had a little bit of a worry. But later on, we told ourselves we are going to win.


What are you looking forward to most with regards to future announcements (such as Rumble)?

FoxTS: Of course, we will try to defeat all the players from the American servers and European servers, and then we’ll get the ticket to go to Moscow.


Many thanks to EL Gaming and Wargaming for the opportunity.

Brendan travelled to Sydney as a media guest of Wargaming.