GTA Online – Progress Bar Crew


Since it seems GTA Online is the current flavour of the month, I took it upon myself to say “Hey, you know what Progress Bar could use? It’s own Crew.” and thus the Progress Bar Crew was born. At current we’re sitting with 13 Members, most of which are friends or friends of friends, but as always this is the kind of thing you want to expand, then, you know, take over the world? If you’d like an invite you can either hit me up (GTA Online Nickname: Korthcore or XBL Tag: Korthal) or use the link above to head on over to the Rockstar Social Club area and apply to join. I check this thing pretty much daily so you won’t get missed if you do apply.



We figured it’d be fun to have a ‘Crew Car’ to choose from when we’re all driving around together (of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to!) which we’ve chosen as the Vapid Dominator Muscle Car. We’ve also been playing around with emblems and the like lately as well as Crew Colours, they’re still being tested and not confirmed but we’re currently leaning towards the above logo (using a nifty .SVG trick) and the Crew Colours of Primary Red, Secondary Black. If you want to join hit us up and let’s tear up the country side!