First Look – Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you’ve probably come across the well-known limitation of being unable to charge the console while it is propped up. While some third-party accessory makers have addressed this by designing their own solutions, there is now an official method to solving this dilemma with Nintendo releasing their adjustable charging stand for the Switch (which is due to release this Friday). But how does it fare?

For $29.95 AUD, it sits at a higher cost compared to its third-party counterparts but it also offers a few features that sets it apart from the others. The stand is very compact for travelling and can actually fit in your pocket when on the go. The angle of the stand can be adjusted up to 45 degrees, making tabletop gaming a breeze and instead of looping the charging cable through the stand, the cable just plugs into the stand from the side. One interesting part of the stand I noticed was the USB-C charging port sits on a spring hinge mechanism, which allows the console to be safely uncoupled from the stand at an angle without potentially bending and breaking the charging port.

The Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand is a well-designed product that we think will make its way as a staple accessory for any Switch user. The stand releases on Friday 13 July for $29.95 AUD. Let us know if you’ll pick one up!