E3 2016 4

E3 2016 Portal – Watch All the Press Conferences Here


E3 2016 is just around the corner, and we have all the info you need for every press conference coming from the event. Livestreams and localised times are listed below.

Thursday 9 June


Square Enix (Deus Ex Showcase)

Square Enix have got the early start with their Deus Ex Showcase starting at 1:30AM AEST (1:00AM ACST, 11:30PM AWST – 8 June).


Monday 13 June



EA starts the E3 week with their press conference at 6:00AM AEST (5:30AM ACST, 4:00AM AWST).

If you don’t have time to check out the whole conference, stay up to date with everything that was announced from EA.



Following EA is Bethesda with their press conference at 12:00PM AEST (11:30AM ACST, 10:00AM AWST).


Tuesday 14 June



Microsoft’s press conference kicks off on Tuesday at 2:30AM AEST (2:00AM ACST, 12:30AM AWST).


PC Gaming Show

PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show is set to go live at 5:00AM AEST (4:30 ACST, 3:00AM AWST).



Watch Ubisoft’s press conference at 6:00AM AEST (5:30AM ACST, 4:00AM AWST).



Sony concludes the Tuesday with their press conference at 11:00AM AEST, (10:30AM ACST, 9:00AM AWST).

Wednesday 15 June


Nintendo (Livestream Link)

The Nintendo Treehouse Live broadcast goes live at 2:00AM AEST (1:30AM ACST, 12:00AM AWST).