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Welcome to Progress Bar!


Launched in 2013, we aim to provide the latest in video games news, along with reviews, feature articles and previews. Our home is Queensland, Australia, with writers based in Brisbane, Canberra and Toowoomba.


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We’re always interested in having writers join the Progress Bar team. If this sounds like your thing, drop us an email at writing@progressbar.com.au, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Brendan Roberts – Editor-in-Chief
Whether it be tweaking the performance on his PC or swapping out the keyboard & mouse for a controller, Brendan is a gamer across all platforms, and likes to write about his adventures here. You can catch Brendan on Twitter @sushi_brobbo.
Thomas Koch – Senior Editor & Team Overlord
AKA Kochie: He has been geeking out and gaming since he was 6. He’s a complete PC elitist, but still plays all the consoles and holds gameplay over graphics any day of the week. When he isn’t writing about his adventures, he’s fixing PC’s (but he won’t fix yours). You can find him on Twitter @KochieAU.
Chris Edwards – Forum Admin & Contributor
AKA Korthal: Building Computers, Building Servers or Building Websites, that is where you will most likely find Chris during his spare time. Alternatively Chris will be knee deep in old games he’s not yet finished due to spending all his time in MMO’s. Massive Halo Fan, DBZ Fan & Zelda Fan. Follow Chris on Twitter @KorthalOI.
Nat Crouch – Contributor
Nat is a Canberra-based law student and avid console gamer. From a childhood romance with Nintendo to a tawdry love affair with Microsoft and Sony, he is just as likely to be found playing any of the major consoles. He also likes Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain. You can reach him on Twitter @Nat_Crouch.
Glen ‘Barry’ Gugliotti – Contributor
Barry loves all things games & hardware related. He has been reviewing games and producing written and video content on them for multiple outlets over the years. He doesn’t have as much time for gaming these days, but still tries to squeeze it in when he can. You can find him on Twitter @barrymcbruce.
Eddie Ngaluafe – Contributor
An avid gamer that enjoys delving into the subtext of video games and their impact on popular culture. Eddie also follows and documents the passionate video gamer community as it stumbles, triumphs and matures. Follow him on Twitter @EdNgaluafe.
Darcy Tranter-Cook – Contributor
Darcy has modded Skyrim so much that it broke. He has played every Zelda game at least ten times each, and then once more on Dolphin. In addition, Darcy has also spent 1273 hours playing DOTA 2 (for real).